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I often found myself lost in knowing which training, courses, or practices are right for me. 

Rafiki Yoga focusses on 


Yoga is a great tool to de-stress and connect with yourself. Join my yoga classes to create a weekly or even daily practice to connect with your body and calm the mind.

Find my scheduled yoga classes in the link below. Contact me for personalized yoga classes or if you would like me to facilitate yoga for your friends, colleagues or business-partners.


Experiencing stress

from a specific situation?

Book a 1 on 1 session with me to work on a specific issue or way to detox energetically. I offer multiple tools, methods and techniques such as brainwave therapy, biorhythm and personalized movement exercises.

Energetic Detox

If you are looking for additional guidance, I want to help you design your practice based on your blueprint.


A practice tailored for the way you move, breathe and meditate that will align your body, mind, and soul. We will create a holistic practice that is focused on self-mastery. 

Self mastery

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