Hi, I'm Karimu

I teach yoga, alignment, and meditation.

The relationship between our thoughts and emotional state is reflected in our well-being.


Through yoga, energetic therapy and brainwave training we can support holistic alignment. That is, aligning our actions, emotions, and thoughts with our inner and higher selves. Acceptance, forgiveness, understanding, and gratitude of the past are crucial ingredients for that alignment. 

Our life experiences can often hurt and it is easier to avoid them or try to forget. These lingering experiences have the capacity to cloud our mind, just as we have the capacity to reflect and let them go.

Although challenging, each of us can balance our well-being, it helps to have a like-minded, motivated friends who support you.

Rafiki means friend in Swahili. Rafiki Yoga is an invitation for anyone motivated in taking the next steps in aligning their natural blueprint.

I want to help design your personal practice

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